Landscape Construction

After a garden has been designed, Yergan Landscape can supply you with a precise and detailed estimate for landscape construction to transform your dream garden into a reality. In close collaboration with you, we ensure that the realisation of your new garden is a delightful and fulfilling process.

Why Yergan landscape?

Expert Landscapers

Yergan landscape is entirely registered and insured, employing a team of full-time, highly skilled, and qualified professionals.

Comprehensive Service

We oversee all construction aspects and assign dedicated supervisors to every project to eliminate the need for multiple contractors.

Assured quality

We ensure top-tier construction quality, evident right from the beginning.


What kind of projects do you construct?

Our construction team has successfully completed projects of various sizes and complexities, spanning from intimate courtyard spaces to expansive acreages, all designed by a diverse group of designers. Our project portfolio showcases an array of design elements, such as pools, pergolas, paving, retaining walls, tennis courts, planting, water features, and decking. To explore some of our accomplished projects and gain insights into our work, please visit our portfolio by clicking here.

How can I obtain a construction quotation?

Our construction team will reach out to you for a more detailed discussion regarding your project’s specific requirements and timing. This typically commences with a site visit from our construction manager, during which an accurate construction quote will be generated to address your needs.

What is the typical timeframe for receiving a construction quotation?

In the case of an average-sized property, the construction quoting process typically spans a few weeks from your initial site meeting with our construction manager. However, if your project is larger than average or features unique elements like substantial pergolas, intricate water features, or ponds, the construction quote may require additional time. This is because we may need to delve into specific cost considerations with our suppliers to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the quotation for your project. Your project’s complexity and unique features will be taken into account to provide you with a comprehensive and tailored construction quote.

When can my project be built?

The timeline for the construction of your project will be contingent on several factors. This includes the current workload and contracted commitments of our construction team, as well as the specific requirements of your project. Additionally, if there are concurrent house works, extensions, or renovations being carried out, this will also affect the scheduling.

What will my construction cost?

Every project is unique and encompasses a set of distinctive characteristics. Your construction quote will take into account the specific elements detailed in your master plan, which includes a thorough assessment of the materials required, the labor involved, the property size, the land’s topography (such as slopes), and the accessibility to the property.

What is the estimated duration of the construction process?

Once our experienced construction team has thoroughly assessed your design plans and the project site, they will be in a position to provide you with an estimate of the expected construction duration. This estimate will be contingent on various factors, including the complexity of the design elements, the size and topography of your property, and the availability of materials.

Who will construct my project?

Our construction team maintains ongoing communication through a variety of means, including on-site meetings, email, and phone interactions. To enhance this communication, you will be allocated one of our seasoned construction supervisors, who will serve as your primary point of contact at the project site. overseeing all aspects of project management, which includes handling invoices, providing regular updates, and addressing any modifications or variations that may be required once your project is in progress. To delve deeper into the background and expertise of our construction team, we encourage you to click here to learn more.

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