Garden Maintenance

At Yergan Landscape, we comprehend the demands of modern, fast-paced lifestyles, which often leave less time for home and garden upkeep. We also acknowledge that your garden holds both financial and personal significance, warranting professional care and attention. Whether it’s a compact light well or a sprawling estate, we hold a deep passion for gardens of diverse dimensions, designs, and stages of maturity.

By entrusting Yergan Landscape with your maintenance needs, you can have confidence that your investment is in the hands of individuals who will nurture, safeguard, and diligently care for it.

Why Yergan Gardens?

Customised Plans

Our team will create a personalised program that caters to the unique requirements of your garden, guaranteeing its continued growth and prosperity.

Proficient Horticulturists

Allow our devoted and extensively skilled team to manage your garden, enabling you to savor your garden’s beauty rather than being preoccupied with its upkeep.

Beautiful Gardens

We will guarantee that your garden maintains its peak appearance throughout the year, tending to all aspects, including weeding, pruning, mowing, and plant treatments.


What suburbs do you service?

Our maintenance team primarily caters to the neighbourhoods in the vicinity of Adelaide, South Australia with a focus on servicing areas such as Holdfast, Burnside, Unley, Mitcham and surrounding areas. While our main service area is concentrated in these suburbs, we do have maintenance clients located outside of these regions as well. If you are interested in our maintenance services and reside outside of our primary service area, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

What kinds of properties do you provide maintenance services for?

The majority of our clients are homeowners with private residential properties who require regular and ongoing maintenance services. We are here to accommodate various maintenance requirements and can tailor our services to meet your preferences and scheduling.

What is the minimum charge?

If you would like to determine the minimum hours needed to maintain your garden effectively, we invite you to get in touch with a member of our team to arrange a free garden appraisal.

How often do I require maintenance?

The frequency of our visits is tailored to the individual needs of your garden and your long-term objectives. In practice, most of our clients discover that fortnightly visits yield the best outcomes when it comes to effectively monitoring irrigation, ensuring plant health, and proactively addressing potential pest and disease issues.

How can I start maintenance?

The initial step in the process is to initiate a conversation with a member of our team. During this discussion, we will explore your garden goals and specific needs in detail. Following this conversation, we will arrange a complimentary garden appraisal with our maintenance manager. This assessment is designed to gauge the number of hours and services necessary to maintain your garden’s optimal condition throughout the entire year. By working closely with our team, you can ensure that your garden remains in excellent shape and aligns with your vision and requirements.

What services are covered during my maintenance visit?

During our visits, we offer a comprehensive array of services aimed at ensuring your garden’s health and vitality. These services include: Fertilising, pest and disease management, weeding, mulching, pruning, removal of green waste. deck maintenance and lawn care. We can also monitor and adjust your existing irrigation system to ensure that it’s optimised for the changing seasons and the specific needs of your garden.

What isn't included in my maintenance visit?

While our team may not directly provide certain services, your dedicated supervisor can assist in coordinating and managing contractors to carry out these tasks during your routine visits. These additional services might encompass activities like gutter cleaning or arborist work, such as trimming established tree branches.

Who will maintain my garden?

For your garden maintenance needs, we will designate one of our experienced garden maintenance supervisors to your project. During each visit, this supervisor will be accompanied by another member of our maintenance team. This dedicated supervisor will serve as your direct point of contact and will establish clear communication channels with you. They will discuss any garden priorities, offer recommendations, and address any concerns or issues related to your garden. To gain further insight into the expertise and background of our maintenance team, please click here to learn more.

Can I make changes to my scheduled visits?

Certainly, our current clients have the flexibility to review and discuss their maintenance program and inclusions at any point in time with their designated supervisor.

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