Modern, fun, and low maintenance, this project is perfect for entertaining this family.

This project illustrates modernity, fun, and low maintenance, making it an ideal space for family entertainment. The family approached us seeking a complete transformation of their outdoor area into an entertainment haven.

Their vision centred around a vibrant, contemporary atmosphere that demanded minimal upkeep, allowing them more quality time together.

Their aspiration for a tropical garden vibe was clear, emphasising the need for shade, seating, a pool, and a fire pit to ensure year-round usability. Working on both the front and rear areas of the property, we curated a striking entrance with a freestone sandstone letterbox, sourced from Adelaide Hills, setting an alluring tone. Blue stone steppers guide the way to the entrance, while a balanced blend of inviting blues, silvers, and greens enriches the garden.

Stepping into the back garden, a spacious custom-made timber deck aligns seamlessly with the pool. The centrepiece is a meticulously crafted pavilion housing an outdoor kitchen, BBQ, and an elegant bar created from random quartz stone with a burnished concrete top.

Adjacent to the bar sits a formed concrete bench surrounding a fire pit, perfect for winter gatherings. Bamboo was chosen strategically, providing a swift privacy screen and withstanding the western sun.

The consistent use of blue-stone pavers from the front area ties the design together. Carefully installed garden lighting and irrigation highlight the space’s beauty, ensuring functionality throughout the day and night.

Collectively, these elements form a cohesive and exceptional year-round outdoor space, precisely meeting the family’s desires for both living and entertaining.

Plant Selection

  • Cotyledon orbiculata
  • Doryanthes excelsa
  • Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Nafray’
  • Festuca glauca
  • Santolina chamaecyparissus
  • Senecio mandraliscae
  • Trachelospermum jasminoides
  • Aspidistra Elatior
  • Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Moonshine’
  • Dichondra `Silver Falls`
  • Alpinia zerumbet Var.
  • Alpinia nutans
  • Viola hederacea
  • Pratia pedunculata
  • Vitis coignetiae
  • Dymondia margaretae
  • Gracilis bamboo

Hardscape Specification

  • Bluestone pavers
  • Honed concrete
  • Basketrange stonework around bar
  • Exposed aggregate drive
  • Barr fencing
  • Pool construction
  • Timber decking
  • Formed concrete bench seating with firepit
  • Pavilion construction
  • Axon cladding behind pavilion

Landscape Area

  • Front and rear gardens
  • 668m2
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