9 Lawn Alternatives

There are so many alternatives to lawn that look great, and require less water and less maintenance than traditional lawns and grasses.

Attracting Blue-Banded Bees To Your Garden

Attracting blue-banded bees to your garden involves creating an inviting environment that addresses their specific needs. Planting a diverse array of bee-friendly flowers, especially those with blue or violet hues like lavender, rosemary, and blue salvia, can be particularly enticing to bluebanded bees. Providing a water source, such as a shallow dish with rocks for… Read more

Buxus microphylla (Japanese Buxus)

In the realm of ornamental shrubbery, few plants captivate the eye and lend such timeless elegance to landscapes as the Buxus microphylla, commonly known as Japanese boxwood. With its evergreen foliage and versatile nature, this species has emerged as a garden favourite. One of the most compelling traits of the Buxus microphylla lies in its… Read more

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