9 Lawn Alternatives

There are so many alternatives to lawn that look great, and require less water and less maintenance than traditional lawns and grasses.

Dichondra repens

A resilient ground cover, forming a dense mat. Its lush, green carpet-like foliage creates a soft and visually appealing alternative, requiring less water and maintenance compared to traditional grass lawns.

Zoysia tenufolia

Also known as Korean Velvet Grass. It’s fine-textured, emerald-green blades forming a dense mat, it offers a luxurious ground cover that requires minimal maintenance and water, presenting an attractive and eco-friendly alternative.

Pratia pedunculata

Is favoured for its ability to form a dense mat of foliage, creating a carpet-like effect in gardens, pathways, or between stepping stones. It thrives in moist, well-draining soil and prefers partial shade to full sun, making it a versatile option for various garden settings.

Thymus serpyllum

Also known as Creeping Thyme, this delightful substitute serves so many beneficial purposes, such as: attracting pollinators, aromatic foliage and is edible. It’s also drought- tolerant and resilient.

Viola hederacea

This Australian Native Violet, is a perfect addition to any shady garden. Its delicate, heart-shaped leaves create a dense carpet, offering a lush and low maintenance alternative, particularly where grass has struggled to grow.

Dymondia marguerite

A resilient and low-growing ground cover plant cherished for its striking silvery-green foliage. This hardy perennial forms a dense mat of narrow leaves, creating a beautiful, almost carpet-like effect in gardens and landscapes. Its ability to tolerate drought, foot traffic, and various soil conditions makes it a popular choice for use between stepping stones.

Myoporum parvifolium

A resilient and versatile evergreen ground cover native to Australia. With its slender, trailing stems and tiny, vibrant green leaves, this plant forms dense mats, creating a picturesque carpet effect in gardens. Its adaptability to various soil types and its tolerance to both drought and coastal conditions make it a popular choice for landscaping.

Ajuga reptans

This hardy ground cover thrives in various conditions, from partial shade to full sun. Its glossy, oval leaves form dense mats,
often tinged with shades of purple, bronze, or green, depending on the cultivar. In late spring, Ajuga reptans produces spikes of small, tubular blue, purple, or pink flowers that rise above the foliage, adding a splash of colour to gardens and attracting pollinators.

Dichondra 'Silver Falls'

A striking trailing plant sought after for its cascading silver-grey foliage and graceful, waterfall-like appearance. Its elongated, heart-shaped leaves create a lush and silvery carpet when grown in hanging baskets, containers, or as ground cover in sunny locations.

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