Yergan landscape is a distinguished company specialising in landscape design, construction, and garden maintenance located in Plympton, South Australia. Established by Jason Schulz in 2006, our team boasts extensive experience and knowledge, delivering an exceptional level of professionalism within the landscaping industry. Our comprehensive in-house services enable us to oversee the entire process of bringing your dream garden to life, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for you. We recognise that each client has unique requirements. Whether you seek a complete landscape solution, a captivating garden design, construction services, or ongoing garden maintenance. Yergan landscape is committed to collaborating with you in crafting a beautiful, practical, and enduring garden that you’ll cherish waking up to every day.



  • Jason Schulz


  • Tahlia Webster

    Garden Designer | Maintenance Manager

  • Haylee Bishop

    Landscape Designer | Estimator

  • Janek Coleman

    Construction Superviser

  • Zac Haigh

    Landscape Supervisor

  • Jaxon Neagle

    Landscape Supervisor

  • Matt Neagle

    Carpenter Builder

  • Jamie Gibson


  • Mathais Webber

    Apprentice Carpenter

  • Lisa Wilson

    Horticulturist | Maintenance Gardener

Green Mission

Yergan Landscape Design is committed to a green mission that extends beyond creating visually stunning outdoor spaces. We firmly believe in the power of sustainable landscaping practices to harmonise with nature, conserve resources, and promote environmental well-being. Our dedicated team strives to prioritise eco-friendly design elements, incorporating native plantings, water-efficient irrigation systems, and the use of organic materials whenever possible. We endeavour to minimise our carbon footprint and encourage responsible land management, nurturing landscapes that not only captivate the eye but also embody our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. At Yergan Landscape, we envision every project as an opportunity to contribute to the collective effort of preserving and enhancing the natural world.

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